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Set a custom Run command for your favorite application in Windows

Most of the Windows users should be aware of the Run dialog box and commands to use in it to start many applications.For example, to start the command prompt,one may type cmd and for Registry editor regedit in the Run dialog box and hit enter.There are many other default commands for windows applications.

What if you crate a custom Run command for your frequently used applications?It is very simple.Just a trick using Windows shortcut or by creating a registry record.

Follow as below to create a custom Run command…

The Simplest shortcut way:

  • Right click on your Desktop and select New>Shortcut

  • Now in the Create Shortcut dialog box click Browse and locate the exe file of the application for which you want to create a Custom Run command in the directory it is installed.for example: You may create a Run command for Firefox! mostly by default it will be in C:\Program files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
  • After selecting your applications path,Click Next and enter a desired Name for your shortcut.This name will be your Custom Run Command.In the case of firefox you may even name the shortcut as ff.
  • Click Finish and you will see your created shortcut on your desktop.
  • Cut the Shortcut created and paste it in the directory C:\Windows where C: stands for the directory in which you have installed Windows.
  • Voila!You just created a Custom Run Command!

After you completed all steps successfully,enter the name of the shortcut you set in the Run dialog box and hit Enter.You favorite application will open!

RegEdit method:

If you are a person who wishes to do tasks in a complicated way you may like this one…

  • Go to Start>Run and type Regedit and hit Enter.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > App Paths
  • Right click on App Paths and select New> Key. Name it whatever you want your Run command to be.
  • Now click on newly created key. There will be Default string in right side pan.  Double click on it and enter the path to Application or folder.
  • Right click on right side panel and create new string and rename it to Path.
  • Double click on Path and enter the path to application or Folder.
  • Close Registry editor and Restart your Explorer.

Go to Run and Type the command you Created for your application…

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