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The new Windows comes this October : Microsoft’s new commercial


Microsoft has started its propaganda on Windows 8.1 .The company on its official youtube Channel has released a short 30 minute commercial highlighting the features of Windows 8.1 that users may love. Microsoft has not mentioned it as Windows 8.1 though on the advertisment. But the title of the video and the description say it. The company has highlighted the different ways to access the Start menu including the re-entry of the Start button as a feature along with ability  to work with more than 2 apps at a time and new search experience.It is mostly a part of the Windows Everywhere campaign.

Windows 8.1 is not a major release of windows. But it is a major update to the Windows 8 that addresses the issues and criticisms faced on the OS giant’s latest OS. The newly selling systems here on may come with the version 8.1 rather than 8. This update to 8.1 is available for free to all windows 8 and 8 pro users who have a activated copy of the OS.

Starting from 18th of this October genuine Windows users may update to 8.1 from the windows store. Though windows 8 was with an intention to bring about a touch PC era, it has not succeeded in it. But the ulrabooks and convertibles have seen a great advantage with the Windows 8 coupled with Intel’s processors. What significant change will Windows 8 bring? Will it get back the users who downgraded again to Windows 7 or will gain more users in addition? let us see…

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