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Will Windows 8 Overtake the market of Android and iOS ?

Everyone is amazed with the consumer preview version of the next revolutionary release of the Windows. The Wiindows 8 is a new OS that brings Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones together. One single OS for all devices is what is aimed. Microsoft has worked a lot for this next big release and the new features of the OS are really cool and simple to use.The Metro UI introduced in this version has put the most of touch input the most. Having all your apps notifications and updates from various networks , monitoring your hardware all in a single screen is something cool.

The best part is that you are not just given the new interface alone, but the classic style of windows is available too. By this way user can choose his way of interface as required. Starting from the boot which is faster and the termination which is fast too, there is something new that catches our eye.

The login screen offers you three ways to log in, the traditional password, a PIN password and picture password. There is no Separate Start button. But you get the required options on various screen by the right corner of the interface.

The way Windows 8 handles the memory is what is going to be a success of the OS. Efficient use of RAM in Windows 8 will make it a better OS for Tablet and smartphone. All the applications are dormant until user opens again. This means you need not even close or end the applications. Also with a same OS on various devices sharing of data and apps will be easier.

The Android and iOS are the popular Smartphone and Tablets OSs as of now. But the power of Windows 8 will surely give them a tough competition. With Windows 8 on tablets and smartphones, the desktop-like computing will be possible on hand held devices, and another advantage is all your desktop apps will work on your Windows Tab as well. Taking every aspect under consideration, Windows 8 seems to have clear advantage over the current market giants Android and iOS. But we would know the real answer only when it get retail launch.

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