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Fuel Micro charger : Small portable emergency smartphone charger


It is the age where we look at the specification of battery of a smartphone than the features it offers, as the latter is for sure but the former is a question.What is the use of a smartphone with plethora of features if it doesn’t have a battery powerful enough to power the device.One cannot charge the device often.Once a day is reasonable though.But what if you end up in a situation where you are in a necessity to use your phone which has charge down,and you have no place to charge it?

This is the place where portable chargers come into play.They are equipped with a battery that we have to charge separately and carry with us to use in case if the phone battery goes down.Again it is something that everyone hate to.Taking it separately with us? Where to keep?

You can take it anywhere easily even as your key ring says the Kickstarter Startup Fuel Micro charger.It is a tiny mobile charger that could power up your smartphone battery when in an emergency.It doesn’t give you a full battery charge but helps you gain a 20-30 minutes of talktime and a few hours of standby, which is really great for its size.


The Fuel device has a microUSB which can be plugged into most of the smartphones in market today, to charge it up.It also has a microUSB input port to charge its own battery.The device houses a battery that occupies most of its internal volume and a PCB that fits to the side of battery.

The body is made of die cast aluminium which promises strong protection to battery while being light weight.The battery is a 220 mAh Li-ion battery.The device has three LEDs on it to indicate the charging and discharging cycles.There is a power switch for the device to prevent unnecessary discharging of battery.The battery promises life for minimum of 500 cycles.

It is not yet available for Apple devices as it requires a change in design to fit in the thunderbolt port in it which needs to cut the battery size.Also the PCB design needs to be changed to meet Apple standards. The work is on progress and could be expected soon.

The project was started on Kickstarter with a goal to raise a fund of $20000 and has already reached and crossed it.Once the product comes into bulk production, it can be expected at a retail price of $25.

What do you think? Are you waiting for the product to hit the stores?

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