Bio-hacker Tim cannon implants a phone-sized computer chip in his hand


Tim connan, an American bio-hacker has implanted a smartphone sized sensor in his hand which would track his biological data and temperatures and transmit them to an Android device which would be used to analyse the collected data. The goal of bio-hackers is to overcome the human body’s physical limits.

The device called Circadia 1.0 developed by Tim’s company Grind House Wetware is what was implanted by him in his hand. The device would continuously track the changes in his body temperatures and transmit them to a paired Android phone through Bluetooth which records it. Tim claims that based on these data a probability of getting affected by fever and its cause may be predicted too.

Going a step ahead of the fitness trackers, which does a similar job from outside the body, this device would get you much accurate data. This is not just restricted to just monitoring the body temperatures but there is much to come in future. The device would track your pulse rate, or even your mood. If you are stressed, then as you near your home, the automated system in your home may adjust the lighting to sooth your mind and even prepare a warm bath for you as said by Tim.

Since the device is not approved medically yet, he had to implant it with the help of a body modification expert. He had undergone this implant without any anaesthesia! tearing the skin on his arm and inserting the sealed device and getting stitched. All these for increasing the lifetime of humans. Tim says that he wants to live a thousand years and does not want to die.He says who would like to.

The Circadia will be available for sale in months to come and it will come in a smaller size and at a price of $500. To implant it you would have to shed a $200 more to a body modifier.

Take a look at the video below before and after Tim’s implant…

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