Let’s Gear up for the Future of computing : Next Big Thing


We might think mobile is the ultimate evolution of technological advancement. However, the truth is that as the time progresses there are going to be new innovations. Average human being cannot even conceive in their minds what they are going to be pitted against in the coming days. The technology has moved swiftly from Google glasses to 3D printers. However, what still remains to imagination is that what will be the next big consumer mass technology? Some say its robots, let’s see why.

Remote controlled

When we say robots, we don’t necessarily mean an R2 D2. It is an artificially intelligent agent that does your work and performs tasks and duties as per your guidance. This guidance is provided to these robots via remote control. The mobile devices that we use every day and are also considered indispensable can act as the remote control.

Future of toys and gaming

How would you like your phone for a pet? Yes, iPuppy is what has been in creation for some time. A Japanese company is putting a face to a phone and this time it’s going to be that of a dog. This can be a very cute robotic puppy that you can carry around and is definitely a very interesting innovation.

Another innovation has been a mini car is controlled via Android or an iPad. The mobile device will be the brain that is extremely scalable.

Updates are downloadable

Until today, if we want to get something latest it has to be bought. There is only so much technology as you can get from a single device. If you want the latest upgrade, buy a better device. However, with these robotic toys, the upgrades will be downloadable. You can get the latest technology into the mechanical brain of your robot by using the internet. This use of internet enabled technology has but one flaw. When you use the world of internet, you are exposed to the risks of being infected by latest bugs and viruses. However, there are many companies that provide reliable antivirus software which is freely available. The developers of these toys are also aware of this one scathing flaw and can also recommend the best antivirus to ensure the seamless functioning of their robots/toys.

Device that does things for you

Industry of robots has been gaining traction for quite some time. As a matter of fact, many big companies are already using it in their manufacturing plants. Investors are looking at it as a next big thing and are pouring in money to make this idea more mainstream. Countries like China can bring down the cost of manufacturing these robots so that they can be afforded by general people. It is believed that this innovation will take the consumer market by the storm as what is smarter than device is the one that does things for you. With the manufacturing process simplified, it will not be a surprise if you soon see a robot stacked neatly in your next supermarket.

The Internet of Things


The IoT has become a huge thing since it transitioned from computers to other everyday devices like phones, home thermostats, metres etc. As per the latest business intelligence report, the inert objects today will become sensor laden and be more intelligent and responsive to human command. They will be able to communicate between themselves to give a tighter network of gadgets. Some common applications where it can be implemented is internet connected billboards, traffic management system, waste management system, water systems and metres etc. This is just an outline of all the things possible and is in the pipeline when it comes to IoT.

It is only a matter of time when we will see these machines interacting to us like we talk to each other!

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