Motorola’s new technology : A microphone tattooed on you throat


The Google owned company Motorola mobility has files a new patent with the United States Patent and Trademark office which portrays of its technology to have a electronic tattoo on the users throat that acts as a mic for better audio with noise cancellation.

Many companies are on the race to develop wearable tech devices and Motorola on its part has filed this weird technology that has put many on a question “why this technology”. The patent basically describes the device to be an electronic tattoo that would be on the users’ throat and picks up sound directly from the larynx in order to eliminate all possible external noises and to make the communication clear.

The device would be paired with the device using Bluetooth or NFC or some wireless technology. The device will pick up energizing signals from the paired device for the power required for its working. The patent file further reads that the tattoo may have a optional display and would include a user interface for input commands. But why is that for s a big question.

This patent has brought many questions in our mind which would be answered by the company only, either before the product development or we would have to know only after it is unveiled.

What is your opinion on the device/tattoo?

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