WiSee provides in-home gesture based controls using your WiFi


Innovation never has an end. While there are many devices and sensors are being taken into research for gesture recognition technology, a group of people from the University of Washington have used a technology that most of us already use in our homes to make a Whole-Home Gesture Recognition system.The technology is nothing other than WiFi.

The WiFi Signals are disturbed by human movements.And for several movements the disturbance pattern can be found uniform always.The WiSee technology is based on recognizing these different disturbances for our gesture, to do something which we intend to do. This lets you be anywhere in your home and promises to respond your gesture, provided you are within the WiFi range of your home network.

Wisee_workingThis could serve you in a lot of scenarios wherein you want to control something in your home from where you are.You can control the music system, Turn of the TV from bedroom , even though you forgot to do, control lights and what so ever.This technology doesn’t require any change in the current WiFi standards, which means that you could use your current WiFi to establish the gesture controls.

The team that innovated this, claims that their prototype of WiSee that they tested could recognize a set of 9 different gestures with an average accuracy rate of 94%, which is great for a prototype phase.The project page hosted on the university, provides a link to the paper on this technology.

A video on the demonstration of this technology must give you a better understanding of it…

I cant wait for the commercialization of this technology.What is your view on it???

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This is something really interesting, and for lazybums would be a boon. I just imagine how easily I could swipe my hand to change the song on my iPod connected to speaker system, or just with a simple snap I could start streaming movie from my Kingston Wi-Drive to my laptop connected to LCD TV. Keeping my iPad on table and connecting it to a large display I can browse through documents and pictures without touching the ipad screen. Too futuristic this all seems.