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How we grew up this year? – TechnoStreak Timeline 2011

We, TechnoStreak registered domain, technostreak.com on web in the month of March of this year. We started this blog in order to make the readers to stay up to date on technology based news.

We posted our first post on March 26, 2011. ‘iPad 2 better than before…‘ was our first blog post. On the first post itself, we didn’t gain more visitors but after some fruitful days of blogging, we gained more subscribers and public visits.

When someone starts blogging, we share our links and other stuffs on Facebook and other Social media. We too, created a separate page on Facebook, Twitter etc. and shared our blog post link which were liked and shared by many people around the world.

We created a Facebook page named TechnoStreak. Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TechnoStreak/212550988758825
Observed the above link? We still don’t have a unique permalink such as facebook.com/<username> for our page. You know why? The reason is, when we started our page, another guy on Facebook had already chose technostreak as his page’s username. Actually, that fellow has already planned of registering technostreak.com but we leaded him. After some days of start of our blog, that person contacted us and requested to sell our domain to him but we refused.

Initially, we started this blog as a non-profit blog but later, after few posts due to unavoidable reasons, we signed up for Google Adsense for placing advertisements on our blog.

We planned to sign up for Google Adsense after the 50th post on our blog. We reached our 50th post within 40 days since we started our work for blogging. Means, on calculating, 1.25 posts per day! When we published the 50th post, TechnoStreak contained 52 approved comments, 35 Categories, 209 tags and 7 pages. The screenshot which was taken after 50 posts is shown below.

When we signed up Adsense for the first time, Google refused our request due to availability of blank pages which was available on our blog at that time. After then, we filled up those pages with hot articles which attracted many visitors. We signed up for Adsense once again. We were successful. Google approved our request to join Adsense.

We got support from other expert bloggers too. Inspired and reached the 100th post published in our blog on June 7, 2011 that is since 70 days of the day we started our blogging. In our 100th post, we gave the readers few tips for choosing a good domain name. We shared our own experiences in which we struggled a lot to find a domain such as TechnoStreak.com. We got instant traffic from search engines, referral links etc. Also, regular readers of our blog inspired us a lot. When we reached our 100th post, we contained following statistics.
On calculating our average posts per day, we found 1.42 posts per day! We had a Global Alexa Rank of 531,126 and Indian Alexa Rank of 35,388. We got more than 150 unique visitors per day with low bounce rates.

After viewing our statistics, the person who demanded our domain contacted again through email requesting the domain for more than 30,000 bucks. Again we refused to sell the domain as our target was to provide Technology based news to visitors and subscribers of our website.

We created an Android Application which made the Android Application users, our news feeds. You too can download our Android Application for free – http://tekns.tk/app-for-android. Use the link to download our Android application or scan QR code using your Camera from the below image.

We blogged with large number of visitors and subscribers on both Social websites and RSS Feeds. After some days, we also got approved for placing advertisements on images by Pixazza and also an opportunity for placing third party advertisements from BuySellAds.

We conducted Blog contests and awarded the winners with prizes and much more. We created our own infographic content which provided a complete cheat sheet of Google+ on July 13, 2011. Visitors poured into TechnoStreak like a river. We saw a great difference in unique visit counts from previous day to the day we posted the infographic content on TechnoStreak. Anaytics showed a high peak level than the previous day. We got more than 1,000 unique visitors continuously for few days.

Unfortunately, our host provider suspended our blog due to large number of hits that obtained on TechnoStreak. We struggled a lot for recovering our site back to normal. We were forced to change the host provider. So, we switcher over to to a leading host provider, HostGator.

After recovering, we lost many visitors and again we struggled a lot for bringing back our visitors to TechnoStreak. After crossing much more milestones, we now contain more than 300 articles and 400+ comments approved.

All credits and appreciations goes to CEO & Founder of this blog, Tharun. ‘We’ – mentioned in this article refers to admin, author, contributors, subscribers and supporters.

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