Review : Stock photos repository [Review]

Stock photos are photos or image files stored and made available for users granting them the rights to use the image the way they want to.Today there are many Stock Photo with a database full of images.I here, share my review of one such huge stock photo website

Fotolia is a Royalty free Stock photo website that offers users images for credits.It has a huge collection of images under various categories.I was able to find an attractive image, by searching with a keyword, in seconds.fotolia not only provides images but also Vectors and videos that you are free to use in almost all media.

Searching the fotolia’s collection is as simple as just type and press enter.Almost all images matching your query are listed on first page of results and so you hardly move to the next page.All you need is to be specific with what you are searching for.

Preview The image preview offered by fotolia is really good.Hovering on a image on search result gives us an image big enough to have a full look.

Photos The photos on fotolia of high quality ranging from 0.12 MP to 30 MP images offering you great resolutions.This enables you to render the image to any size you prefer once you download.

Desktop APP the fotolia Desktop app is available for Windows,Mac and linux users.This Application allows easy access to the fotolia repository and enables users to download images directly.

Downloading stock images from fotolia is easy too.once you purchase images you could download them one by one or get a zipped file of your images made for you and sent to your email.

Pricing There is no particular pricing for images but they are sold for a few credits.Credits are fotolia’s currency.You can get images from fotolia from $0.75.

Fotolia is a good service in comparison to many similar sites.It may be a bit confusing for newbies when downloading images.but on the whole fotolia is a great source for images.

Fotolia is particularly useful for bloggers.It is the best source to get images for your posts.With the power to modify the image to suit your needs, you could do more with it.

On the whole, fotolia offers a good service.It is a place to find the image you want in seconds, with no copyright issues.

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fazal mayar
fazal mayar

nice review tharun, we should all use fotolia, such a nice website for photos.