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5 Quick Actions To Bring Up Massive Success To Your Blog

There are lots of articles and blogging advice available and none of them will matter unless you take quick action on them. You have to ruthlessly focus on your efforts and build up your confidence to taste the fruits of success. It is important to understand the do’s and don’ts of blogging which could save your precious time in the long run. The more you put in your efforts, the more you will progress in blogging career.

#1 Build an Email List

If you have not done this in the past, you have missed out the most lethal weapon that could have driven traffic from the repeat visitors to your blog. With a solid email database, you can be less dependent on the external sources to drive in more traffic. This powerful database will help you to interact closely with the audience and will encourage a personal conversation with them. This will help in creating a brand name and trust on your blog.

#2 Write Down Your Ideas

Most of your creative thoughts might have vanished away while you were on bed. People tend to forget important things and it is a drawback. You can simply pen down your thoughts on various blog topics which you come across and on the topics that you might find interesting. Find out the topics that are debated much on the internet domain and try writing about them.

#3 Facebook Like Buttons

Facebook is one of the powerful social media platform that can change the face of your life. Many business men have understood the potential of Facebook and are striving their best to augment their blog to FB. It provides a massive marketing opportunity. If your readers like your blog post, they might hit the like button and might share it with their friends. Make sure you have created an easy process to share your blog posts which will encourage the readers to spread the post.

#4 Twitter Re-tweet Buttons

Twitter has a greater potential to popularize your blogs. This site receives millions of unique visit on a daily basis and you should try to take advantage of it. The process of adding a re-tweet button is very easy. By re-tweeting quality tweets, you will be able to gain the traffic which can be further diverted to your blog.

# 5 Create a List of Competitive Bloggers

There might be hundreds of bloggers who are continuously blogging on the same topics as you. Your job is to become friends with them and share your blog URL in their blog-roll. For example, if your blog is added in the blog-roll of a famous blogger then readers will be quite interested to surf your blogs whenever they find time. If your blog posts are very much informative, you will be able to convert a normal reader to a potential visitor. By this way, you can start building traffic to your blog.

You need not do all the things listed out here. However, pick up things which you think can easily be done and put your efforts. The above said lists will not take more than an hour to execute.

Author Bio: This is a guest post by Rajkumar Jonnala on behalf of http://www.techiestate.info/ and http://www.seoblogonline.info/.

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