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7 Points to Remember to create a good Blog

BlogIn order to create a high number of traffic for your blog, it needs to have a good name and the content needs to flow. Try to write what readers want by doing proper research and reading similar blogs. Try to write comments on other blogs in order to generate traffic to your own blog. Before Creating a Good blog you should know these 7 Blogging Tips Useful For Bloggers.Since after creating a Good blog you would need those tips. Here are some few tips on how to create a good blog.

Get a good keyword

Research widely on the keyword you want to use. It should be catch and capture the reader’s attention. Include it in the title of your blog to make it appear on search results. a good keyword usually contains two to three words. It should represent what you want to write about in the blog.

Use keyword in major areas

To popularize your blog search include the key word in the blog title, domain name, hyper link, post title and post content. This enables you to get numerous search engine rankings.

Do not repeat old posts

Do not try to repeat old or past blogs that you had written. Try to generate new content every time you write a new blog. You can get penalized from duplicating content and your blog closed.

Use photos

To make your photo look more colorful and presentable, try to use pictures that relate to what you are writing about. Do not use the same images for the different blogs you are writing. Each blog should have its own unique photo.

Have high content quality

The quality of the blog should be high and the information you want to pass across should be based on facts. Do not write the wrong information or injure someone’s reputation as this is considered a serious offence and you will be penalized.

Give useful links

A good blogger should provide links which will make the reader read more on what the blogger was writing about. Use credible sources that are informative and are related to the topic you are writing about.

Engage the reader

Use simple language that will make the reader feel part of the whole blog. Personalize the article and  allow the user make comments and suggestion.

This is a guest post by Sarvesh Darak.He is a blogger,and blogs at www.blogisblogging.com.

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