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ClickHeat – Opensource Heatmap to track what your visitors click on!

Heatmaps are pictorial representation of data’s importance in 2-D graphs showing colour concentrations.Heat maps for clicks show what your users click frequently,by recording the clicks made by them.To track this there are many scripts and services that cost you.But dont worry Open source is there to the rescue.

ClickHeat is a opensource heatmap by Labsmedia that gives a pictorial representation of what your users click on your website with colour patterns signifying concentrations of clicks.These graphs could help you serve more about what they want and also would help you re-arrange your ads on your site’s page to gain attention.This script works for any type of website WordPress,Drupal,Joomla, or any custom website.So,ready to track clicks?

  1. Go to and download the latest version of the ClickHeat.
  2. Unzip it and Upload the folder clickheat to your website’s root folder.
  3. After uploading is done go to the clickheat directory from your browser ie.,
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install.Finally get the simple javascript to be implemented on your site.
  5. Place the javascript code in your website’s header, and you are done on your part.

To test the installation add ?debugclickheat to any URL where you have installed the javascript for example and you can test if your clicks are recorded correctly.This script does not cost you a big CPU usage.Just the click event is recorded to the log files with the co-ordinates of the clicked point.

Heat map showing clicks

Heatmap showing the concentration of click events in a region.

ClickHeat overlays a transparent image with the recorded clicks representation over your actual website in its admin panel.This would allow you to better understand what the click was on.

You can visit the projects Homepage for more info and support.Also See the FAQs there before installing.Hope that this would help you and your website.

Share your views on this tool in comments…Also share your experience if you use it!

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