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Effective Communication Tactics: A Must Read for Designers

Communication is one of the most important functions of any design. The truth of the matter is that communication plays an integral role in the life of a professional designer. A designer can communicate to his audience through his designs in subtle and indirect ways, as well as more direct and complex ways. Regardless of the type of design domain that you are interested in as a designer, you definitely cannot afford to overlook the significance of effective communication.
Not only is effective communication through designs important for professional salaried designers, but it is just as important for freelance designers. Below are some effective communication tactics for designers to boost your skills:

Choose Effective Mediums of Communication – With the age of technology rapidly advancing the mediums of communication, you should not undermine the importance of the medium. In other words, medium matters a lot in just about any string of communication. The mediums of communication can range from social websites to emails, telephone calls and of course text messages. To be effective in your designs, you should definitely organize your designs, so that your client can be easily contacted by a potential customer. A good idea is to select a few mediums and try to stick to it throughout the process. Remember to keep it nice, neat, well organize and user-friendly.

Sketch out Your Pattern of Communication – Another tip to effective communication through designs is to set a pattern of communication for your audience. Your pattern of communication will help to eliminate any confusion to your audience on the receiving end of your designs. For example, you could include in your pattern a response time to queries, alternative medium of communication, as well as the expected response time from your receiver.

Make Accurate Notes for Easier Communication – When you are a designer that has a number of clients and several different tasks to complete, it makes a lot of sense to write down information. Some of the things that you will need to write down are meeting times, payment details and billings, contact details and most of the times client feedback. You should never take any information pertaining to your clients lightly. After all, this information will help you to communicate effectively with your clients. Another good tactic for effective communication is to keep the email thread which usually helps your client with the ease of understanding the history of a particular conversation.

Remember to be Polite and Mannerable – Another effective communication tactics for designers is the use of manners and etiquettes. In communication, whether verbal or written, being polite and mannerable is important. Don’t be quick to lose control of your temper, try as best as possible to remain calm even when your client is raging and being rude to you. When responding to your clients take the time out to re-read messages before hitting the send button.

Learn How to Communication without Specific Design Jargons – When it come on to communication with your clients, you should endeavor to avoid specific design jargons. This is simply because your client may misinterpret what you are saying. You should therefore bear in mind your audience and develop a habit of using simple terminologies that are easily understood by everyone.

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