20 Ways To Encourage Readers To Return To Your Blog

Traffic generation begins with getting repeat visitors to your site. You can have a great blog and yet not manage to hold visitor interest enough for them to visit you again. What is the differentiating factor between one-time visit blogs and blogs that visitors simply cannot stay away from? These 20 tips have been gleaned from successful blogs that enjoy repeat visits, fan followings and great web traffic.

  1. Ensure Browser Compatibility

Make sure your website is tested for perfectly viewing on all popular browsers. Your list should include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  1. Cut Down On The Graphics

People used to go over the top with graphics in websites in past years but that’s no longer fashionable. A simple, easy to view design is more effective with people. Over use of graphics only leads to clutter, minimizing the content.

  1. Label Your Links

Use anchor text to add keywords to your hyperlinks so that your links become self descriptive. Alternatively, add short descriptions beside your links. Small things such as these indicate you care and have a big impact on visitors.

  1. Split Content Into Paragraphs

Internet readers have low attention spans. Mostly they grab the first few and last lines of your post. Make it easy for them by providing content in clearly headlined paragraphs.

  1. Highlight Text

Use bullet points and sub-headers to add diversity to your text and to emphasize important information. Each subheader should indicate what the following content explains. Place important words and phrases within quotes, use bold text to indicate importance and italicize conversations and interviews.

  1. Use Creative Content Forms

Throw in some polls, contests, YouTube videos, sign-up forms and other creative content forms to create interest. Even if these forms of content don’t flow with your main point, put them in. The idea is to retain reader interest on your page.

  1. Restrict Ads

People view sales techniques as manipulative for the most part. Seeing too many Ads, sales pitches and banners on your site might cause a negative opinion of your blog. Anything more than a couple of advertisements will put people off, who’ll think you have nothing of value to offer them.


  1. Offer Original Content

Visitors will flock to your site when they realize that you’re offering them content that they can’t get anywhere else. This doesn’t mean your content has to be 100% original, but keep a large portion of it original.

  1. Conduct Quizzes

A quiz sets the little grey cells working; post a general or trivia-related quiz connected to your niche. Post answers on your blog every week. Announce prizes and freebies for winners. To make it unique, offer to publish the winner’s profile and business for free on your blog.

  1. Provide The Latest News

No matter what your niche, something or the other is going on in your industry. Dig for the latest updates and publish them. To make it unique, offer your own take on the news and invite people to comment.

  1. Tickle Their Funny Bone

Even if your blog’s topic is of a serious nature, there’s no rule that says your posts cannot be humorous. Use subtle, sarcastic, satirical yet respectful humor to add a little zing to your content. When people find a reason to laugh and to appreciate your humorous take, they’ll return for more.

  1. Offer Freebies

Not all, but many people will visit again if they know you’re offering free stuff. Offer topic-related freebies in exchange for an email address, or for signing up for your newsletter, or for winning a contest.

  1. Provide A Web Directory

Compile a list of web sites and blogs that are related to your blog’s niche. Add a few lines before each link indicating what can be found on each site and how the information will help your visitor. Your visitors will appreciate your directory services and will return for reference time and again.

  1. Refresh Your Landing Page

Change the content and images on your landing page so that people see your blog as continually evolving. This will make them anticipate new information and engender curiosity. Update videos and photos to reflect changing seasons or promotions.

  1. Offer Tips And Instructional Articles

Online readers are becoming very good at recognizing sales-oriented sites. What they’re really after is useful information. Offer them helpful articles and tips related to your area of expertise. This will help develop your reputation as a subject matter expert in your area, turning your blog into a resource site.

  1. Increase Interaction

Don’t just post quality content and wait for readers. Provoke readers into responding to you. Post a discussion topic and conduct weekly surveys for reader opinions. Get people to express their views and start a healthy argument with them. You will need to participate and respond to comments to keep this going.

  1. Create A Closed-Knit Community Feeling

People like belonging to close-knit communities to enjoy the feeling of exclusivity. Create a community of your best readers and invite other regulars to join. Offer freebies and unique information to this exclusive community. You’ll soon have many readers wanting to join in.

  1. Market Content Via Email

Use your emails to tease readers into visiting your website. You can do this by including the first couple of sentences of your latest post in the email, with a link to the post on your blog. Your email should include links to related information or services to ensure visitors move around on your site.

  1. Submit Content To Social Media Sites

Submit industry-specific and newsworthy content to social media sites such as StumbleUpon. By doing this, you’ll open up your blog to a brand new visitor base and enable your posts to go viral.

  1. Offer Coupons And Discounts

Include coupons and discounts in your email newsletters and specifically as a reward for contest and poll winners. Even if your visitors don’t have use for them, they’ll forward them to others, which expands your reader base.

Stacey Rudolph is working for conversion optimization Company and helps businesses in landing page optimization, lead generation and affiliate marketing.

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Animals and Livestock
Animals and Livestock

Informative post. recently i did blog inventory for one of my office site. And now I am working on that. I definitely follow these steps for my blog. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

Geo Jolly
Geo Jolly

Oh great post. Even though am a blogger I have never kept any importance to all these points. Thanks for these tips..


Thanks for the share! Even though many of these SHOULD be quite obvious to even amateur bloggers, there were a few you named that actually surprised me. For example, I didn't expect to see you mention a decrease in graphics, as they seem to attract readers for me. But I certainly do understand where you come from.

Christian Esperar
Christian Esperar

Nice list! Nowadays, many blogger (I think including me) don’t care about this that may cause there blog to be so silent. I see many site with rich full content but lack of presence to the reader. We blogger must also think that our reader is not just a bot in our site.