3 Things to Consider for Effective Keyword Research

If you’re a blogger or internet marketer then you will know that getting results online isn’t about the size of your traffic but its quality – I mean, how effectively it converts.

That means instead of focusing on just getting traffic from any source you will get better results by looking for the keywords your customers type into the search engines and then doing your best to rank for them or by paying to advertise them on your favorite search engines.

When it comes to keyword research you need to understand that there are things you need to understand so as to get the best for your keywords, and this article will be giving you a few things to consider before starting your research on that new set of “shiny” keywords.

Sheer Numbers Really Don’t Matter

It amazes me to see that this is what a lot of bloggers obsess over and on the long run they end up wondering why they get a lot of traffic but can’t make sales.

I’ve gotten emails from bloggers with as much as 9,000 visitors a day who can hardly make a sale of a product they created and I have also seen bloggers with a small audience of just 10,000 monthly visitors making a killing from a mini product.

My point is that you shouldn’t just rush to target a keyword because it is getting 100,000 monthly searches and that you also shouldn’t just run away from a keyword because it is only getting a few hundred searches.

For example, if someone wants to buy a health product and they type “health products” into their favorite search engines, they wouldn’t result in more sales as someone who types “medifast” or “nutrisystem” into the search engines. The reason for this is that the former are looking for just any health products, but the latter are specifically looking for the above products and even though the keyword “health products” gets over 10 times the searches for “nutrisystem and medifast” you still have more chances of making a sale when you rank for those keyword compared to ranking for the generic “health products” keyword.

Competition doesn’t mean a no go area

Another thing you need to realize is that the fact that a keyword has a lot of competition doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target it. In fact competition is a sign of life. It only shows that the product you are targeting has enough attention to be targeted.

You should also realize that several factors aside your competition will affect which keywords you target and which keywords you don’t. For example, it all depends on your budget, your link building model and also the time-frame you want to get the keyword to rank.

Either way, competition is a healthy sign of profit for a particular keyword.

Keywords Don’t Rank Themselves

The final tip here is perhaps the most important.

You shouldn’t just expect to get the right keywords, create an article about it and expect the traffic to come. You need to realize that keywords don’t rank themselves and that no matter how great and profitable your keyword is it needs backlinks to rank.

Keyword research is not alone. You need to have a solid plan detailing how you plan to rank for your keywords before you even start researching it.

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