5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Attracting Enough Visitors

Although having a visually appealing and easily navigable website is essential for creating a positive impression in the minds of your prospects, it will not guarantee you web traffic. A large majority of online businesses fail to realize this concept. Just like how your brick and mortar establishment requires you to generate adequate amount of publicity through the use of advertisements and commercials, the success of your online marketing endeavors requires visitors in the form of web traffic,

The following are some compelling reasons why your website is not attracting enough visitors:

  • Not optimized properly – High page rankings on search engines such as Google are a sure shot way to gain an increased surge of visitors to your blog. This can only be achieved through search engine optimization. The absence of search engine optimization would prevent your website from being indexed efficiently by the search engine bots. This would in turn prevent your website from gaining high page rankings and little or no visitors.
  • Lackluster content – Content is another determining factor that could make or break your website. Publishing lackluster content without the use of relevant keywords would disqualify your presence from SERP’s. Given the fact that there are a billion sites vying for the same targeted audience, it is relevant good quality content that would distinguish you from the rest and boost visitor traffic to your website.
  • Inadequate promotion – Customer interaction is pivotal in online marketing. In order to achieve this you need to promote your website through the most popular mediums where you can interact with potential customers. By leveraging the power of social media websites such Youtube, Facebook and Twitter you would be able to create awareness among your prospects about your business and draw more visitors to your website.
  • Unsuitable website structure – The design and structure of your website is another major factor to consider. If you have a website that is haphazard and cluttered then chances are that you are going to lose out drastically on web traffic. Visitors to your site would find it difficult to browse and collate valuable information posted on your site due to its adverse design and structure. This would soon frustrate them and compel them to leave. Hence you should emphasize on designing a website that is visually appealing, functional and easily navigable.
  • Inability to leverage social bookmarking – Social bookmarking is another effective way to bolster traffic to your website. A lot of webmasters are unaware of the efficacy of this technique and fail to capitalize on it. Ensure that all the content on your website contains “like” and “share” buttons that allows people to share it on various social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Facebook. This is one of the most time tested methods of driving visitor traffic to your website and getting your content viewed by a larger audience. 

The cardinal objective for every online business is to gain maximum visibility for their website.. A steady inflow of visitors would not only help you gain traction for your business but would also translate into increased sales figures and enable you to expand your consumer base on the internet.

Chris Burns writes for Website Design 411, a Joomla Website Design firm and general web development company.

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