Burst of Spam comments on a particular post or page on a Blog

WordPress , Blogger or whatever the blogging platform may be.Spam comments are unavoidable in most cases.But if your blog is popular, you would have experienced getting huge loads of spam everyday.In most cases the spam comments would be on a single particular post on your blog, which may be old too.This is especially common on do-follow blogs.Many those who have experienced this might be wondering why this is so.

Spam comments

Why spammers target a particular post which is old too? 

This is because of several reasons for the benefit of spammers.Many spammers look out for blogs with good rankings and listing on search engines.Also choose a particular post that has a good ranking.All they want is a link from a page with a good ranking.Once they spot one such page or blogpost with comments enabled, the URL is added to their list of pages to SPAM.When the link reaches the hands of some Blackhat SEOs, they circulate to many such.Thus spamming your site’s comments.

I have captcha enabled.But how do the spam bots SPAM?

You may ask this.But have a closer look on all the spam comments you received.Though not all, at least most of them would be ping backs.Ping backs do not need Captcha or any Check box to prove it is done by human.

I blocked the IP or email that was spamming.But still i get the same.

Blocking the email or IP can not do you more good.Spam bot keep changing to list of IPs assigned and rotates several fake email IDs.

Disabled Pingback/Trackback.Yet receive Spam.

Note that not all spam are from spambots.There are manual Spams too.

How do i protect my blog from Spam?

  • Install anti-spam or spam filtering Plugins if you are using WordPress. In my opinion, Akismet does a good job for me, filtering Valuable and spam comments.
  • Enable Captcha for comment forms,this would be of some use though it does not stop it all.
  • Disable Trackbacks or Pingbacks if you get lots of spam through them.
  • Consider twice before making your website comments do-follow.Do-follow blogs are targeted by Blackhat SEOs.
  • Don’t spam other Blogs.Be good to others too.
Hope this information was useful.Atleast it would have answered one of your question.If you want more clarification or have a doubt please feel free to ask through the comments.No spams please…!


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very informative post for all wordpress bloggers. You rightly said all points about spam comments


I have enabled Captcha still receive such comments. Any solution for Blogger users?