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Is It Important To Enable Comments From Visitors?

Are you a regular or seasoned blogger? If you are, then read on and check out what you can find out when it comes to the importance of having comments incorporated into your blog.

More personalized blogs are often subjected to receiving comments from various people. There are also some other blogs that disabled the comment feature which lead to people visiting the blog to read the post and leave. To give you an idea as to the effect of comments for a blog site, continue reading.

The following are the reasons why it is important to enable comments from your visitors:

First, it can start a conversation from people who visit your blog. This is one benefit you will be getting from enabling comments. It will give visitors the opportunity to say what they feel and think without being judged or thrown stones at. This will start a conversation between your blog visitors.

Second, it is good for generating traffic for your blog. Do you know that search engines are also quick on crawling on blog comments as well? This would be a good way to generate traffic for free. You do not even need to monitor what people are talking or what their opinions are yet you reap the fruits of their comments. Blog Commenting Can help you to Get Traffic & Backlinks.Now, this is something worth every minute you spent on writing the post.

Third, it makes your blog post look more interesting and fun. If you have observed there are blogs that have commenting disabled. When you look at the post, it looks a bit boring and lack of life. If you do not want your blog to be one of these, be sure that you enable comments form visitors.

Fourth, you can interact more with your visitors. This is one good opportunity for you to interact with your loyal visitors. This will give them an idea that indeed you are for real and not just a paid blogger who is tasked to promote a product or two.

There you have it, four reasons why it is very important that you enable comments so that your loyal readers and new visitors will be able to say what they want to say and of course be more beneficial to you.

The next time you start to write a blog post, be sure that you have enabled the comment feature. In this way, you will be more open to accepting criticisms, suggestions, feedback, and opinions from other bloggers and people in the Internet world.

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