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The HTML5 Cheatsheet for web Developers – Infographic

HTML5 ,the next big leap on the web technology bringing more functionalities and ease of use.Many would wonder whats new on HTML ver.5.Here is a cheatsheet for such.It comprises of all tags and attributes on HTML5.Also lists the supported browsers and platforms.This would really be a useful piece for web developers.Also with a basic HTML knowledge many would be able to understand the tags out there!

Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheat for Web Designers[via]

If you are a web developer i would suggest you to bookmark this page and share the link with friends.Having a copy would also do better.

What do you think of this infographic.I am sure this was informative. Share your thoughts in comments!

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As i kw about the developer i kw that HTML is very important as if u wish to develop the website some time i have seen there is php is also coming where the next gen is using,good article to read

Arjun @TechField
Arjun @TechField

Some tags are really same as HTML4 ! :) Chrome Rocks in browser readiness...