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Tips for Choosing a Good Domain name

In the current online scenario,many bloggers from Blogspot,Wordpress.com and from most of the free blogging platforms prefer to have a unique identity online.Than to move to a paid hosting the priority what they give to is Domain name.Domain name in the sense TLDs(Top level domains).

This is really a desirable change for both the bloggers and the readers.Also some go for free domains.I would suggest that,if you want to be recognized, if you wish to make you blog professional and to generate some income through it,TLDs are the best.In the case of free domains you cant claim any ownership on it and you risk it to be deleted any time.

You have to  sow something to reap.So paying for a Domain name is not a big expenditure.I also suggest you to move to a paid hosting once you start getting a good,appreciable traffic.Now the main part of the talk…

How to Choose a Good Domain name?

Make it reflect your site’s idea: The name of your website must make users understand what it is about.Name speaks the most.Decide your domain name by adding prefix or suffix with the main keyword.
For example if your site is about cooking ,cookingzone or whatscooking and the like would be good.(I know that you could choose better.)

Prefer Dot COM: Dot COM (.com) is the most popular domain extension on the web.It gives you a better exposure.Most people think that a website name mostly ends with .com .Only frequent web users are aware of many extensions.So if a personn gets to know the name of your website,say cookingzone,but doesn’t know the extension,the first thing he tries is cookingzone.com .

Don’t use Symbols or Numbers: Make your domain name purely of alphabets and don’t include any numbers or symbols(like hyphens) unless you feel that it is necessary.This again is for the cause of reach.cookingzone is better than cooking-zone and 123cookingzone.

Keep It Simple Silly: Make your domain name an easy to remember one.Don’t make it too complicated by looking for some words from Greek or Latin.Also keep it as short as possible,so that it is easy to type for the user every time.

Don’t Try to imitate a popular domain: This is not going to do any good to you.Trying to imitate another domain will end in vain.You are not going to be considered and would be treated as a scam.

Go for Alternative Extentions: There are many extensions for domain name approved by ICANN.Go through the list.Choose from a wide collection.You may also use it as a part of your domain name.Like on Delicious del.icio.us For such suggestions you may use Domainr.

Use Online Domain Name Generators: There are Name generators that provide you a combination of words based on the keyword you provide.You can use them to get an idea.Some of the popular domain name generators are

Brand names: If the name you register is any brand name not owned by you, think twice before doing.You may be subjected to legal actions.And if you own a business brand try to register the name in all possible extensions.This may prevent scams.

Look if it is available: Don’t just keep thinking of names.Look if it already exists.Don’t be satisfied with the name without checking its availability.You can check it at any domain registering company’s site.Or try Domjax.

Register soon: There are many like minded persons on the globe.Be quick in registering your domain name once you are satisfied with the name,or some one else may do.

And finally look for a good registrar.And don’t forget to check if there are some coupon codes or offers on that registrar.This would save you money on the first year.Don’t forget to renew your subscription when it reaches the ending period.Because there are many eagle-eyed people looking to snap a cool domain name if it is not renewed and is cancelled.All the best for your new domain!

Hope that the tips would have been useful.Share this with your friends.Subscribe for being informed on updates and more info like this.Finally leave your comments…Don’t forget to specify the domain you registered after reading this article!

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I am planning to buy new domain for my blog. Thanks for your tips!

Amaan Rizwan
Amaan Rizwan

Why haven't u mentioned some cheap but reliable domain name providers ?