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Tips for Reducing your Website’s Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits you get to your sites.That percentage of your total visitors leave your website just after visiting a single page.Usually visits you get from the search engines and other referring sites are the major sources of bouncing visits.Visitors form search engines land exactly on what they were looking for on your site and once they get it they leave.Bounce rates above 50% is something really to worry about.

Higher bounce rates are an evil for low traffic websites.And for high traffic producing websites,reducing the bounce rate is a tough job.This bounce rate can be reduced by retaining the visitors on your site by making them browse more on your website.Effective steps to reduce bounce rate can establish regular readers for low traffic blogs and for high traffic websites it helps to further increase their traffic.

Steps to reduce your Bounce rate:

Internal linking: When you write about something on your blog and have covered something about it already or a similar thing don’t forget to link to it from your new article.This will encourage the user to stay on your page.

Content: Always be specific in what you are about to deliver.Don’t deviate from the topic, as it may decrese the interest of the user.Also make your article precise.Lengthy article may spoil the interest of the user.Have the content well formatted into paragraphs rather than a cluster of sentences.

Navigation: Make sure your site’s navigation are easy and simple for users to find what they want.This if implemented effectively,users would continue on your site for more time.Placing a search box allowing users to search what they want may even be effective.

Beware of External links: Think twice before you add a link to an external page.This may serve as an exit for the user.When you are forced to use such links,place it at the bootom of your content where it gains only a little attention.Also use the attribute “target=”_blank” for your external links.

Listing some related posts: Listing a few related posts at the end of each post may encourage the users to stay for more time rather than leaving.

Page load time: Take steps to reduce your page load time.If your page takes more time to load it may irritate the users and may result in them leaving your site.

Make them interact: Encourage your users to comment on the articles.Put some Polls related to the content in your site.Convince them with your content to share the post on social websites.

Be patient: Rome was not built in a day! Bounce rate does not fall rapidly.It takes place gradually.Take all possible steps on your part and it would result positively.

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Amaan Rizwan

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