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Tips to tackle RSS content scrapers

If you are blogging since a long time or run a popular blog with good quality content, you are sure to have experienced an encounter with RSS content scrapers.RSS content scrapers are automated engines that use RSS feeds of blogs to reproduce the same content on the site running it, giving a picture as if the content belongs to the scraping site.

Why do they scrape RSS ?

The main evil aim of RSS scrapers is to fill their site with good quality content in order to generate search traffic thereby increasing the impressions on their ads, which would grow their CTR.

How are we affected by this as content owners?

If your blog is new and not recognised yet, or if your blog has a low traffic then you must really be worried of such scrapers.You may lose your ranking on google search results, face duplicate content issues and more.Don’t worry a lot.Search engines like Google have algorithms powerful enough to spot the original content online.Scrapers don’t live long.

What can we do as the content owner?

RSS feeds cant be stopped just for this silly reason, as it is of more productive use than destructive.But you could take steps to claim your content to be yours in many ways.If you find your content copied just follow the tips below.

Try to reach the owner of scraping site: At many cases you could not do this.Most of them do not reveal any contact details.But if you happened to reach, demand the copied content to be removed.Do not accept the excuses given.Their backlinks are not going to do you any good.

Contact the host: In case if you could not reach the admin of the scraping site or failed to get it removed, then be a little rude.Find the host of the site that stole your content and contact them to report in short about the site on their server that copies your content.You can use service like Who is hosting this to find the host of any site.

Report to Google: Most of the sraping sites use Google Adsense to monetize their junk.Notifying google about this would stop advertising on the site which is their source of income,and would be pushed back on search listings. You can do such Reports HERE.Be sure to choose the correct criteria before you report.

Add your link on RSS footer: Use plugins such as RSS footer to add a link to your original post.This would be copied too as the whole feed is regenerated as content by Scrapers.This would do you not much good than giving you the credit of the work.Download the plugin from HERE.

Use Anti-Scraper plugins: AntiLeech is one such Anti-scraper plugin that detect scraping bots with their useragent strings and generate fake contents for then which include link to your content.Kno more and download from HERE.

Warn such scrapers: Use warning banners against plagiarism on your site.Use DMCA, Copyscape ,Copygator and such ,to detect copies of your precious work.Use a Creative Commons license.These would atleast make them think twice before using your content or feed.


I would suggest you to take simple steps listed above if you find your content copied.Don’t worry much about the RSS scrapers as they would be recognised by google and other search engines and wont affect you much in your listing.Also doing nothing against the scraper would encourage him to keep using your feed to improve his advertising income.


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