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Top 5 Tips to make your Blogging experience easy

Blogging is an activity carried out to bring people a lot of information. Bloggers usually say that earning becomes increased whenever you blog effectively. Here, we have listed 5 top tips that makes your blogging experience an effective one and easier.

  1.  Social Share Buttons
       Social Sharing buttons are the best tools nowadays in the blogging for every blogger. Due to growing use of the social networking sites, the social bookmarking has become very important. Posting the link of your blog in every social networking site yourself is a very tough and time consuming task. But the social sharing buttons can help you in this. These buttons are placed top or below of the posts and allow the visitors to share the content with others on the social networking sites.
  2. Ping.Fm
    One of the best tools for every blogger which makes the social bookmarking very easier. The has a large no. of social networking sites in their database. All you need to do is to join the service which is totally free and after that, you need to link the various social networking accounts with the account. After having account on the, whenever you will publish new posts on your blog, it will automatically get published to all social networking sites which results in huge traffic from the social media.

  3. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is the must have tool for every blog. The success of your blog depends on the visitor’s behavior. You can track all about your visitor with the Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the no.1 tool to track the traffic on your blog. There is not any other tool intelligent like Google Analytics. Well, it is clear from the name itself “Google”. Google analytics help you to chose that “What Is Right” for your blog. So you can also go with the tasks which will give benefit to you and to your blog.
  4. Gravatar
    Gravatar, Globally recognized avatars is the best way to represent yourself in the blogosphere by the mean of your own picture or any animation. Whatever the picture you will upload in your gravatar account, then it will automatically get loaded in the front of your name, whenever you will comment on any blog using the same Email id, which you use in your Gravatar account.
  5. W3 Schools
    In your blogging career you may need to work with codes on your blog as well. The W3 Schools can help you then. The W3 Schools has got many basic and advanced free courses related to many or almost all the web languages like HTML, CSS, PHP etc. You can take reference from the W3 Schools whenever you face any problem related to the web languages coding.

    So it was the list of top helpful tools for the bloggers which can make the blogging a bit easier work. Hope you like the post. If you know about any other tool, then please let us know about it. For any questions/queries, use the comment section below.  And Yes, don’t forget to share the post with your friends, if you like it.

Author Bio: Rajkumar is an enthusiatic blogger from Andhra Pradesh, who works on Andhra Pradesh exam results website by providing the information of AP Class 10th Results 2012 and AP Intermediate 2nd year results 2012.

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