5+ Best HTML5 based Plugins for WordPress

The web is turning HTML5 with all new easy to use features.By using WordPress you would be gradually migrating to HTML5 as and when you upgrade.But do you know that there are some HTML5 based wordpress plugins that would do you more? I have listed a few really useful HTML5 based plugins after much search for it.Only the best have been listed.

HTML5 TagCloud

How about a HTML5 based Animated tag cloud similar to the widely used flash based wp-cumulus ? Would you like it? The plugin creates a HTML5 tagcloud as a widget which you could place where ever you wish in the widget area of your theme.

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WP YouTube Lyte

This plugin inserts a ‘Lite YouTube embeds’ on your site.The basic look and feel of the player is same.But it loads no Flash unless it is played,hence reduced the page load time.When the video is played, it enables the YouTube’s embedded html5-player or the older Flash-version.

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HTML5 Speech

How about enabling your website to recognize speech? This plugin allows your users to fill the text inputs on your site with voice inputs.Yes, your wordpress site would be able to recognize speech! But currently works on Google Chrome ver. 11 and higher.More browsers will support soon.When enabled,you would be able to see a microphone icon on text input boxes.

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HTML5 Widgets

This plugin is another one that would impart the power of HTML5 on your website.This will allow you to take full advantage of the new HTML5 Semantics.It replaces the DIV/Container element of each widget to one of the new HTML5 Semantic tags viz., Aside, Section, Nav.

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Projekktor Video Tag Extension

This plugin allows you to add a HTML5 based audio and video player on your site.With ver simple shortcodes you would be able to add your media on your posts and pages.It also has features like Six premium player themes, automatic Flash fallback, custom Logo Overlay, Youtube support, Social features (embedding, post to Twitter and Facebook).

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HTML5 Boilerplate

This plugin is based on the HTML5 Boilerplate created by Paul Irish and Divya Manian.This plugin allows users to easily include/remove all HTML5 Boilerplate options.This plugin could be added to any theme new, pre-existing or already customized.

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