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Crosspost from Google+ to your WordPress Blog

You might have heard of many tools to crosspost from twitter to facebook, or to google plus and vice versa.But I am sure you read the title correct ‘Crosspost from Google+ to WordPress blog’.

This is possible with a wordpress Plugin named,Google+Blog WordPress Plugin, developed by Daniel Treadwell.

This plugin Imports your Google Plus posts into your WordPress blog with no extra work from you.Simple to set up and get into action.This Plugin is available free as well as a paid version.The free thing adds a link back to the Plugin home page, to support the work and the Paid version keeps mum without showing off itself to your users.

You need a Google ID and Google API key which could be obtained from here,for setting up the plugin.Once done getting API key, move to your Plugin settings page and enter the key and some more options for the plugin.The posts from Google+will start showing on your wordpress blog.The posts imported also link back to the same post on Google+.

This plugin would come handy if you wish to have your Google+ posts along with your blogposts or you could even dedicate a category featuring your posts from Google+ .

Get the plugin from here…

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