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Create Fake Siri Converstions to fool your friends!

You might have used many tools to create fake shots of something, Like Facebook Wall Post and comments, iPhone Message conversation and many such.Why not fake something that is a hot topic now? Siri Conversations? Create your own questions and hilarious replies as if Siri makes it and share with your friends.The fun starts automatically.

You do not need an iPhone 4S.Just your web browser to access a tool named, ifakesiri.All you need to do is enter an imaginary conversation between you and Siri.You are free to chose a Provider name to be displayed from a list.The Screenshot generated is very realistic and no one could tell it to be fake unless you do.

The funniest part is since you can make it talk anything, you can make Siri even say “Android Rocks!“.So want to have some fun? See the conversation i created below.Go here to create your own…

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