Enable your blog readers to send you voice messages with SpeakPipe

Most blogs today are equipped with a contact form to enable the visitors to ping the author of the blog directly.But if you run a popular blog there will be a flooding mail numbers which at most cases the blogger will be forced to just delete.Reading and replying to all those mails too are practically difficult.Readers who compose the message too may feel lazy to leave a message to the blogger.

SpeakPipe is a light weight tool that allows you to accept voice messages from users.Currently popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Joomla are supported.Also a generic HTML version is available for you to integrate with your own work.Once signed up for the service and the widget is installed, a button occupies a prominent place on the right middle of the screen.

Clicking the Send voicemail button a lightbox hovers the screen and allows recording message and sending to the blog author.The blog owner will be notified of messages through the email provided during signup.This would be easier for the blog author to respond to messages.

Currently as the service is in its beta phase it is available for free.Later charges for the service may be expected.You can visit the SpeakPipe website here.

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