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Adsense : New Feature : AdChoices on Ad units

While browsing the web I happened to spot that a Triangular icon being displayed in the top right corner of All image banner and text ads by Google.Google had already announced it but now it is in action.When hovered on,the icon expands showing the text AdChoices.This is a link that takes you to a Google page which explains about the Adsense concept and also proposes the user to personalise the ad preferences.It says,

Visit the Ads Preferences Manager to learn more and customize which interest-based ads you see.

The AdChoice icon before and after Cursor on.

Going to the Ads Preferences Manager,if you are logged in to your google account,It shows you the categories of interests you had chosen when you signed up for Google account.Else it asks you to add categories of interest.It also allows a option to opt out of Viewing ads based on interests,this will show all random ads in the sites the users browse.And the page also shows the cookie that Google place to track your interests to deliver relevent ads.

Though this interests were already used to display ads,now it provides a way for users to customize easily from the ads they are seeing.And these settings work only on the computer in which the cookie is placed.

This new option will be of great use for both Ad publishers and viewers.Publishers earn more when ads displayed are of interest of users and users will not be annoyed of ads when they see ads related to their interests.Do you agree with me?

What do you think of this new feature?Share your comments in the view of Publisher as well as a user…

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Google is making lots of changes , This has something to do with increasing CTR but now it looks ugly :P