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Get experts to help you out personally with Helpouts : A new initiative by Google


Google, today, has launched a new service that aims at solving your needs and problems with the help of an expert in the field. The service, called Helpouts, enables you to get in touch with experts who offer free service or who charge a fee based on a session or in count of minutes served. Google takes a flat 20 percent of what the expert gets. The service was announced this August and is made live today.

To start with the service is launched with a very few list of partners for helping out. A background check is carried out for anyone wishing to offer services.The fee from user may range from free to any, depending on the service. A moneyback guarantee is offered by Google to ensure that you get helped out.

The helpouts services is based on the hangouts like platform.Currently helpouts is available over the web and on Android. The user’s public Google+ profile data are used to identify him to the expert being contacted. The users can have a live video chat with the expert and get assisted. A real help from real people in realtime is what Google calls it to be. If both the sides agree they could record the helpout session for future use.

Though not directly, YouTube has been serving as a helpout to many. Does the launch of this service change it all? What do you think will be the future of helpouts??


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