Gmail now available in Indic languages in feature phones

Gmail is now made available in 6 new Indic languages apart from Hindi which is available already.Indian users with Basic mobile handsets (a.k.a Feature phones) can now access Gmail in their mother tongue or local languages which Gmail now Supports. Today , Gmail has rolled out their support to Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

This is really a great move from Gmail. In India mobile users are growing day by day and there is a greatly increasing count of feature phones than Smartphones. Most of the feature phone users are not so good at English and depend on local languages to communicate.Mostof the feature phones sold in India come with support for UI in local languages which enable everyone to use a mobile phone.Being this the case, this move of Gmail will take the E-mail technology reach everyone.Even a layman can now use Gmail being in local language.


To use Gmail in Indic languages just head to the Settings and choose your preferred language in Gmail display language list.Google has estimated that 500 million users will join the internet and most of them would experience web first time on a mobile device.So it is better if people could communicate in the language well known to them.

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