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Gmail users can now attach upto 10GB files using Google Drive

Always felt limited by the attachment limits? Don’t you worry now if you are a Gmail user. Google has integrated its Cloud storage platform Google Drive and Gmail to eliminate the limitations of attachment size to be sent over email.

Gmail provides a new option to Add files from Drive in addition to the traditional attachment option to choose files from your Drive account to include in the mail.The recipients of the mail must have access to your files.In case the recipients do not have access you will be prompted before the mail is sent to make sure you change the file access settings.

Another cool thing about this new idea is, you can keep updating the file in your Drive and the recipient gets the latest possible version of it when he downloads as you are sharing the link to the file rather than the file itself.

Google Drive offers a free 5GB limit and beyond that the user has to pay $2.49 a month for up to 25GB of storage.The free 5GB is more than enough for most casual users though.

[via Gmail Blog]

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