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Gmail’s new look is Out! Better and more funtional than the preview!

We already discussed about the Preview roll out of Gmail’s new look.The preview themes received a good welcome from the users.Now a better and official version of it is out and is available for almost all users.

This Gmail’s new look is simple and more functional than the preview.It has many new features like

  • Streamlined conversations
  • Elastic density
  • New HD themes
  • Smarter navigation
  • Better search experience

If you happened to check your Gmail today You would have got a hovering box proposing to Switch to the new look link in the bottom-right of Gmail.If you didn’t get, try refreshing the page.

Smarter Conversations, different view modes (compact , cozy and comfortable) , Newly introduced HD themes, easy to access navigation and well equipped new Search box dropping down a box on clicking Down arrow in the Search box are really cool enough to give users a great mail experience.

The shots below would explain more…

You would like to watch this video…


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Awesome ! I like the new view of GMail. It's better than Preview! :)