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Gmail’s new Preview Themes : Similar to Google’s new search interface

Google recently rolled out its new search interface on almost all regions.A similar type of theme is now out for Gmail.Any one can test the themes from today.

The new themes are names Preview and Preview (Dense) ,which could be enabled from the themes tab on Gmail settings.If you are already logged in to Gmail,you could go there directly by clicking HERE.

You would find the two new themes.The final new interface will eventually expand dynamically to accommodate different screen sizes and user preferences, but until then users can pick the information density that they prefer.

This is how the Inbox will look… (click to enlarge)

And the messages and conversations will look like this… (click to enlarge)

The theme still being under development,you may find something strange.Some labs features may not look so good.Google would fix these soon with updates to the theme.Google wants you to give a feed back on the new looks and services.Drop in yours HERE.

What do you think of Gmail’s new look? Share your thoughts in comments…

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Olawale Daniel
Olawale Daniel

This rocks Tharun, thanks a lot for the share :)


Liked the theme but the same theme in black woudl have looked rockingg


Wow its looks quite sober...i applied it to my account