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Google +1 extended to websites : Add a ‘+1 button’ to get recommended

Earlier on this blog we discussed about the Google’s +1 feature that allows users to recommend and see the links recommended by their friends which was an experimental feature available only on Google in the search results.

Now Google has extended this feature to websites,allowing Website owners to add +1 Button to their web pages to get recommended by their users.This will increase your site’s popularity in the search results when users see that a friend has recommended it.

Webmasters can get the +1 button code from here.Google will still continue its experimental +1 feature used in the search results.To recommend and see recommendations from your friends on search results, you must have enabled the experimental +1 feature on your google account and must have logged in when you search.

Using Google +1 You can find more relevent content on the web suggested by your friends and also make your friends search experience a better one.

To enable the experimental feature go HERE.

To get +1 button for your website go HERE.

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Olawale Daniel
Olawale Daniel

I love the Google +1 button but I think my theme is not good to go with it....and I don't want to add it on the sidebar...How can I do this @Tharun?

Thanks a lot for this.


right now i installed Google +1 button in my blog hope i can get good results from Google search rankings