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Google begins testing the Project glass : Wearable glass based on Augmented reality

The future of technology is here.Google’s Project glass brings you a wearable glass that gives you an augmented user interface to make you feel all the interface is overlayed over the background which is the real world you are actually seeing.Everything would seem as if on air.But only you could see it.

A team of members fro Google X started to develop this technology and now have achieved almost their goal.A recently released demo video shows a man using this technology in daily life communicating with friends, getting maps and routes, locating books in store, taking photos without a need to pull out the camera, message with voice to text option and a lot more.Sharing his view of world with his friend over hangout and booking tickets for movie show on seeing the poster are really cool!

The gadget for this was initially a bulky cooling glass like device .But now is much simpler.So what runs this device? Obviously Android! The augmented reality based Goggles will bring you much in future.But it is not yet on store shelves. But feel free to get me one once it hits the stores! 😛

For now know what this could offer you from the demo video below…



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