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Google to improve Maps experience by acquiring Skybox imaging

Skybox Google Announcement Logo

Google has announced that it has entered into an agreement for acquiring Skybox imaging for $500 million in cash. Google plans to improve its Maps imagery with the help of Skybox’s technology. The announcement by Google reads, “Over time, we also hope that Skybox’s team and technology will be able to help improve Internet access and disaster relief — areas Google has long been interested in”.

Skybox have already built the smallest high resolution imaging satellite and have pioneered in the technology. Skybox’s announcement says that both the companies have common idea of making data more accessible. The company believes that with Google they will be able to work to make things better from driverless cars to satellites of their own.

We have seen Google Maps improve over the time. It has been the best online map service though there have been many on the line. This news makes it clear that the service will still improve and accuracies will be far better than what currently is. Also lets hope to see a better fleet of satellites that take pics of us.

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