Google indexes CO.CC Domains again! Sites start to appear in results

You would have been aware that Google had de-indexed all CO.CC domains from the search listings for about past 5 months.Google considered that most of the domains on CO.CC were spams or scams and also hosted pirated software downloads and a lot more.Since CO.CC offers free domain to all spammers, hackers and others started to use it the other way.You would have even noticed that earlier, facebook wall flooding links were based on CO.CC domains.

Recently when I happened to Google for something i came across a few CO.CC domains in the listing.I also saw few others reporting the same.Not all CO.CC domains are indexed.Actually Google seems to have started indexing from the beginning again.Sure that many would have lost their listing positions.But yet this would be great for those who longed for being indexed on Google.

Searching for the keyword, currently about a 100 million listings turn up.May be the number will still increase.

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