Google India’s Children’s day doodle by a pune girl


Fifteen year old Gayatri Ketharaman from Pune is the winner of Doodle4Google contest this year. The theme from Google for 2013 was ‘Celebrating Indian Women’.

Doodle4Google is a contest by Google for School children every year to encourage younger minds to up come with their creativity for Google’s logo, and in India it is on Children’s day. This year there were three categories one for class 1 to 3 students , next was class 4 to 7 and another for class 7 to 10.

The criteria on which doodles will be judged are Artistic merit (based on the grade group and artistic skill of the participant), Creativity and the effective communication of the theme given. And any copyrighted images will be disqualified automatically, as well only one submission is allowed per artist, in case of more than one, only the first received one will be taken in count.

This year’s winner Gayatri, doing her 10th class at the Bishop’s Co-Ed School in Pune, is taking the contest for last four years, also shortlisted in 2011 under the theme ‘India’s gift to the world’ and finally succeeded now. Her doodle called “Sky’s The Limit for Indian Women” will appear on Google’s India webpage on November 14,Thursday (today) .

In her Doodle ,The letter G of Google represents a classical dancer, two Os as one rupee coin and symbol of home denoting how a woman balances the both, the next G shows a space rocket from Earth to Moon telling that Indian woman have even was on space, letter L by a mother with a child denoting the kind nature of Indian woman and finally in place of E , a police cap showing that Indian woman can even be tough enough, when required.

To TOI she says,” It took me around a week to complete the doodle once I started working on it.  But before that I spent several weeks thinking about the theme and how best I can represent the ideas I had in my mind about Indian women, my doodle attempts to show different qualities of Indian women.

Category one was won by Madhuram Vatsal from Lucknow, two by Binita Biswajeeta from Bangalore and three by Akash Shetty from Mangalore . However Gayatri Ketharaman is the overall winner. Let us celebrate the Children’s day with her!

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