Google Nose Beta : Smell the world through web


Google though present the search results in a pleasing way, feels they missed something.An engineer at google finds when he tales his dog for a walk that she understands the world by sniffing the smell. This is what made google to introduce Google Nose beta.Search for nay item in Google nose and the smell will be transmitted.All you need to do is come close to your Monitor and Sniff!!


Yes,it is an April fool prank.Sorry if you believed it is real. May be you should wait years to get such search tool.An engineer explains hoe the smell is produced.

He says, “Googles aroma indexing program has indexed 50 million scentibytes of smells.By intersecting photons with infrasound waves google is able to realign molecules to a particular pattern to emulate the smell”

Have fun watching the video below…

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