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Google Translate : supports five new Indic Languages

Google translate is widely used by web users to translate websites and texts online from a language they do not understand to what they do.Without stopping with widely used languages, Google expands its translating capabilities to regional languages too.Google has now added five new Indic languages to its Alpha.

Now Google translate could understand Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.Currently as the languages are at Alpha phase the translations would not be perfect.They would be improved in the due course.

As the indic scripts could not be typed with standard keyboard Google has enabled a transliterated input method for those without Indian language keyboards.This is similar to the one on the Google transliterate.Typing the word in English as it is pronounced will transform the word to indic language like the following example given by google,if you type in the word “nandri,” it will generate the Tamil word நன்றி (see what it means).

Addition of these languages would enable users to understand the works on those language and also enable people to translate works on global languages to their own.Translation is really a great tool to improve our knowledge.Many translated literary works are of great values today.Now such a easy web translation in new indic languages is a great gift to be mentioned.

Some additional fonts may also be needed for the new languages.So you can download the fonts for each language: Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati and Kannada.


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