Google’s April fool pranks 2012

Google every year introduces a new feature to fool users for the April fools day.But even then many get fooled by cool pranks that Google propose.As a lineup of these yearly pranks this year there are a handful from Google. Last year we  posted an infographic that features popular pranks.This time you would have surely been fooled by atleast one of the below.If not get it done now 😛

Google 8-bit Maps

So Google really feels bad to have neglected a popular technology that made most of our chilehood a fun.The 8-bit NES technology.Ya the ones that powered up your TV video games.Google proposed to give users a new cartridge with a line in for establishing Dial-up connection to access the maps.I don’t want to spoil the fun better know more from the video below…give it a try from here.

Google Chrome Multi-task mode

So,why wate time browsing the web with just one mouse and a cursor? Make the best out of both your hands for faster and more productive browsing 😛 with two mouse you can browse various sites at once or you can share your computer with another for browsing together…Watch the video…give it a try from here


Gmail Tap

The Morse Code style of typing for effective and easier typing.Get rid of that cluster of Qwerty keys on screen which are hard to type.Make it tidy with just a Dot and a Dash .Get the Gmail Tap App for your phone now!


The YouTube Collection

Want a whole collection of YouTube videos in a numer of boxes of DVDs delivered at your door step?? Decide for yourself by watching the video below!


Google Fiber Bar

Google enters the food market keeping in mind the health of their users.They want to make the people around the world more active with a similar fiber technology that makes Google Faster…Order a bar for yourselves now!!


Google Under water Search

The search engine under water, returning the search results underwater floating images.This one is for China and Hong kong!
Check it out!Click here…

Google Teleport

Google chrome has a new feature to teleport between two points with the help of an extension…Try it!!!

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