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Google+ plus though still is not open to public, has made a great buzz around the net.While Google is busy developing the network to make it open, those already in are eager for more functionalities.This is the time when several third parties jump in to make hay while the sun shines.

You would be aware of the facebook usernames , giving your profile and pages unique address like .Google+ has not yet started providing such URLs.Users feel it difficult every time to share their G+ profile URL,which contains a big numerical ID, with their friends. is on time in this case solving user’s need and also attracting many, the URL, resembling more like it is of google+ ,attracts many G+ users by allowing them to create a short URL to their profile like .This is simple to remember and share than to every time refer the profile for the address.

It is free to create one and a lot simple to.Just head to your Google+ ID from your default URL of G+ profile.The id is the part of the URL like .Now in choose a nick name and provide your ID and click Add.You are done.From now on you can share this short URL to your G+ profile.

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Note: does not belong to google in any way.It is a third party service.Providing your google+ plus ID to them does not risk you in any way.But some say that you cant guarantee that they redirect to your profile.No issue with the service yet.It works fine.Also be informed that google will soon roll out a similar feature officially.

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JOD is similar service, with so many usernames available