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How Google affects your Memory? – Infographic

No doubt that Search engines, especially Google and its other online services has simplified our day today activities and are much helpful when we want something.Google makes it simple for us to locate information on net and allows us to get information regarding anything on world in just clicks.On the other hand an un acceptable truth is that it has made our mind DUMB. This is what the info graphic says in an explanatory way.But is really a truth that our mind has become dumb with these search engines…

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Olawale Daniel
Olawale Daniel

It is true that Google has turn everything simple for everyone and that alone does give people more reason to use the service for a very long time by neglecting normal brain which is even better than Google. Instead of wasting much of time trying to figure out a problem, people rush to google and get the solution within minutes and thereby cause more people to ignore normal learning.

Thanks for this infromative post