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[How to] Customise your Gmail WebClips to get your favorite content

Gmail users,most of ’em, Would know about Webclips some would not even know what the term means.This article is for some people who asked this and also who wonder what it is.

You might have seen Ads being displayed on top of your mail list whether in Inbox or which folder ever you go in Gmail.It is not just ads that are displayed there.You would also see some called Webclips.Web clips are links from certain blogs which are brought to you on your Gmail dash, through the blog’s RSS feeds.You might not have added it , but you would get clips from certain blogs which are added by default in Gmail.

You can edit the currently showing webclips or add new clips by changing the settings for it.By doing this you could be notified of latest news and information of your interest from your favorite Blogs.

  • Go to your Gmail account.
  • Move to the settings by clicking the Gear icon on top right and then Mail settings or just follow this link…
  • Move to the Web Clips tab.
  • Check the Show my web clips above the Inbox box under My Clips.
  • A list of Web Clips that are displayed for you currently will appear velow.
  • Do nothing tho keep it or click Remove if you dont want Clips from those…
  • Some popular Web Clips are provided in a categorized manner as News, Business, Lifestyle, Sports, Tech, Fun.
  • Choose one from those or if you want to add a site of your chice, just enter the Site URL in the Text box on the same page saying Search by topic or URL.
  • Enter a site name like
  • Gmail will find the feed address for you and offer it to you to add.
  • Just Click the Add button and you would start receiving Web Clips from that Blog.
Give it a try.Be updated even while you are reading your mails…! Add to your Web Clips too!
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