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How to find the Most Popular Posts on Google+?

Have you ever thought of searching the most trending or popular posts on Google+? Well Google+ has the option to search for people but they lack this special feature of searching the popular posts. Since Google+ is a new kid on the block, there certain features those are yet to come, till that time the third party sites and applications are there to help us. In case you ever want to search for the popular posts on Google+, the ‘site:’ search operator is there to help you.

Here’s a simple trick. Go to and type the following: inurl:posts 30..2000 shares

Google will display all those posts shared from 30- 2000 times and those were the most popular ones. Now if you want to change the sharing range numbers from 30- 2000 to something more like 50- 5000, Google will display all posts shared that many times.

So what do you think, isn’t this trick a helpful one? Do share your views!


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