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Now you can have animated GIF as profile picture on Google+

As a part of efforts to attract users to the social site, Google+ now allows users to set an animated GIF image as their profile picture. You could now have a profile picture with life.

Google+ has announced this on one of their posts on the official page with a link which takes to a Google search page for the query¬†“How to create a gif“.

Engineer at Google , Matt Steiner, made a post on his profile regarding the animated profile picture, and he himself has set and animated image of him turning towards the camera and laughing.He has said that the GIFs will work on mobile apps also.He says that with the animated GIFs it will be just like news papers in Harry Potter.Google image search has also introduced a new search tool for filtering the animated images.

Animated images went viral on Facebook months ago and the Facebook team worked to parse all animated images into static ones.Yet users were behind some tricks that allowed them to set animated gif as cover photo or Profile pic of page.For some reason facebook did not want those animated pics crawling around their network. Even Twitter dropped support to GIF images earlier.Maybe Google wanted to take this chance to use the users interest on GIFs.

We also should recall of Orkut which was lost in time.There was a lot of Gif images around the profiles in Orkut which made it awful experience for users and many claim it irritating. Google should also limit the GIFs around Google+ to avoid such to happen again.

So are you going to set an animated profile picture on your Google+ profile? Share it here in comments.

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