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Site Speed Report : New feature of Google Analytics

Google Analytics yesterday in a blog post announced their new Analytics feature named as Site Speed.This new site speed report gives you the measure of the time taken for your webpage to load on different locations and platforms for a sample of page views on your website.

Using the new Site Speed feature you get the following informations:
  • Content: Which landing pages are slowest?
  • Traffic sources: Which campaigns correspond to faster page loads overall?
  • Visitor: How does page load time vary across geographies?
  • Technology: Does your site load faster or slower for different browsers?

This feature may be useful particularly to track the loading time of your critical pages.When you observe that some pages are slow on a particular geographic location you may change the page accordingly to have a quicker load of the page.

By default this feature is inactive on your analytics account.To enable this feature on your existing account,go here and you may have the custom report by google.You may edit it to suit you needs.

You will also have to make a small change to your google analytics code to have this feature working.A small piece of code _trackPageLoadTime(); has to be added to your existing analytics code.The method of adding may differ depending on the type of code you use,Traditional or Asynchronous.You may get help to add the code from the google help page here.

Befor you change the tracking code,Page Load Time and Page Load Sample will show zero.So changing the code is mandatory if you wish to use the site speed report.

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An informative article.Also there are plug ins available to check analytics data inside your admin panel itself but the are nothing against original analytics.


How can I make the Google Analytics New Version as a default one?


You have to click the 'New Version' link at the top to use it.nThere seems to be no other way to set it default...