How to: Insert Music in your Facebook Post!


Using Facebook is Fun now-a-days. We get addicted to it the most than we get into trap with Alcohol. We studied lots and lots of tricks already that can be performed in Facebook. My previous post also, was regarding a trick on Facebook. On rolling an eye on this blog for Facebook Tricks, you could find tricks like …

..and now you could find this trick in front of your eyes. We can insert music content on your Facebook Post by editing an URL which contains PHP attributes. By inserting music content, your friends can play the content directly from the Facebook Page. I don’t say this as a trick as Facebook provides such stuffs as a feature. Application developers of Facebook might be aware of this feature.

Get the URL in your hand first. Then, Learn to edit this URL to insert music content.
'media': [{'type': 'mp3',
'artist':'ARTIST NAME HERE',
'src':  'MUSIC LINK HERE',
'href': ''}]}

In the above code, you can see very well, how it works. Your music content is made as an attachment to your Facebook Post. Your music link Should be in *.mp3 format. You can add Artist Name and Music Title to the code for better post.

You can also post the music content on your friend’s wall by adding the following to the above code at the last.


For Example, like this &target_id=212550988758825

Not only music, you can also insert song’s link to the code.

I have an example code where I have inserted a popular movie’s song. To post, just copy the below code, paste to your browser’s address bar and hit Enter.
'media': [{'type': 'mp3',
'title':'Give me Sunshine',
'artist':'Shantanu Moitra',
'src':  '',
'href': ''}]}

See the preview of the above code in the below image.

Your Music will be played on the post itself with an embedded media player.

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Arjun R R


Arjun R R

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