How to Make money with affiliate marketing? : Things you need to know

Every company want their product to be sold at a high rate and should conquer all over the world in their specific arena. The main thing I found needed to be done for boosting the sales of any kind of product is to improve the marketing procedure. A few years back, when internet was not so popular, the marketing and advertising had been done by individuals. But today is the era of internet marketing.The internet generation  prefers to ‘Google’ every product for information regarding it before they buy it. I find this concept very much booming these days because the profit percentage is far better at it. But wait, before proceeding I need to tell you about this Affiliate Marketing.


According to me in simple words Affiliate Marketing is the marketing which allows me to post the link of any product or service’s special link on my blog or website and if any visitor purchases that product using the link from my website then I’ll get a small percentage of profit from the seller of that product or service.

Now isn’t that a better way to get some profit without much hassle and just sitting at your home! Moreover the profit is for both me as an affiliate and company. Basically what I’m doing as an affiliate is jut promoting a product by taking advantage of my website’s traffic and good reputation and frequency of popping up over the internet.

But I need you to know this. No matter how I’m promoting the product, that product should be of good quality so the visitor should come back again for more purchase.If the quality is not so good or up to the mark then not only the company but my website also has to face some problems in losing popularity!

How to get Associated with an Affiliate Program:

I find this discussion very much important as without getting any affiliate product I can’t race on this track for profit.To find an affiliate program or product it is necessary to get some research done. First of all I need to be sure that which product I’m going to promote and after it I need to find an affiliate program associate with that.I also find Google very helpful in suggesting some of the latest trendy products which are in demand to affiliate and as we all know if I’ve Google it then there is no point of discussion left.

One more way is just like as using an intermediate website to get a deal. That intermediate website will charge some amount of money but will surely get a perfect deal and I don’t mind paying some bucks for that. Do you?

If nothing happens in your favor even after all above then I’ve two tips for you now mentioned below.

  • Check out online stores which are big fish in the market in selling online product, I tell you these websites always look for options to improve their sales and you and I could be assets for them.
  • One last way which I find a little difficult is going through the blogs and websites of the same niche as that of mine and then getting hint form them that which type of product I should promote using my website.

How to Increase Product Promotion

Now, once I’ve got all the affiliate product, service and good commission rate than the question arises that how do I suppose to promote it? I find many ways when I did research on that promoting topic and what I all get, I’m sharing with you below.

  • The most effective and genuine way to lure visitors who are visiting my website to purchase any product is to show them as advertisement of that product.I can put an ad banner next to the article or below the address bar or anywhere else where that add could be very much visible.
  • Using my Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts to promote my blog is surely a good way. As more the visitors to my blog more the purchase will be done.
  • I can also provide information about what I’m promoting on my website by writing articles and publishing them in online forums and other article optimized websites.
  • Ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com and buzzle.com could be good options for anyone.

I find people more interested in something when they are watching videos of that particular product or service. I can also make a video about the product I’m promoting and then can use YouTube to make me popular as it did to Justin Bieber.

Now, I’m damn sure that you know very much about the Affiliate Marketing and you can start promoting a product on your own blog or website. Best of Luck folks.

Author Bio: Anirudh is a Young-Aged Passionate Blogger from India. He blogs at ExceptNothing. He Interested in Logo Designing, Intro Creation and other types of Graphic Designing. 

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